Need Help with Your ebook Production?

Pre-Conversion Schedule and Checklist for Making Your Own Ebook

ebook schedule for pre-conversion

Don’t know where to start? Print this out. It will give a bit of shape to the schedule where it can often feel daunting. This is a four page PDF document that outlines the steps and milestones preferable to take as you prepare your writing for ebooking!

Instructions on how to download/view the PDF

  1. Click here to open the file
  2. This link will bring you directly to the PDF.
  3. The PDF will automatically open in your browser.
  4. View on screen as is or download PDF for printing or keeping.

Just in case it’s not obvious how to download or print the PDF here’s how:

  1. On a Mac: Point cursor to the bottom of a page in the PDF.
  2. An icon will appear as per the image to the right inserted in this post to give you a visual of it.
  3. See the icon on the far right? The circle icon with a downward arrow and a rectangle? Well, click on this and the PDF will download to wherever you have specified your downloads to go!
  4. On a PC?  I use a Mac, so let me ask one of my PC pals but I’m sure it’s intuitive.


Love to hear what you think, leave a comment if you can!

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