14 thoughts on “‘Gnaw’ Another Alchemy is at Work

    • I too find it bewildering but for some reason I can’t leave it alone, I think it’s because it has the potential to empower author’s a bit more. I still think it’s great to have an agent and a publisher but authors should come to publishers aware of what they too bring to the equation, I feel digital is a democratic way forward though, literary fiction??? Not sure anyone READS that these days. I’ll have a job selling one copy but feels great having control of my work and even to have a presence at all there since my traditional route is taking a hundred years.

    • Keep going Janet, you can do it. Five more chapters and yet trying to write an ending? That’s where I’m at with Book 2. Must discuss when you’re back. Thanks for the support with this Gnaw project. You’ll find that it is different again to the version you read.

  1. 30th June on the street eh? I’ll keep an eye out for it while I’m hanging about on corners, watching the world go by.

    Just finished my degree yesterday so have three months to get my book on the same street before starting teaching in September.

    Jen, I, er, don’t suppose you’ve got a project plan/timetable that I could scrounge off you? This is going to be horrible, picking up the self-pubbing process again after shelving it for months to concentrate on my studies. I think I need to register with the US tax authorities so they don’t tax my revenues (ha ha, revenues indeed) at source. I expect there’s some other stuff to do as well, like formatting, something called HTML, which I think is something to do with showing where the water comes up to on a high tide.

    Wish I had the readies to get The Sis to do a cover for me but I’m brassica than a field of cabbages so I’ll have to do it myself. Not good.

    Oh and no more images of Spectrums please. I now have an overwhelming urge to play Manic Miner.

    • Sean, great to hear the studies are finished for now. Well, what I will do is answer your queries as best I can in the next blog post? That way I’ll get you some lowdown AND update the blog at the same time since time is tight. Before I do, tell me, are you going Amazon KDP Select route or epub file and mobi for multi platform delivery? That will sway the gist of the post.
      I’m sure your cover will be fine, my sis did me a favour but the next one I’ll be paying for!

      • I’m probably going KDP only. I hate the thought of some tax-dodging monolith smashing all the competition but little ol’ me isn’t going to change it. Oh and I’ll probably use CreateSpace for some POD hard copies as well.

        You sound terribly busy juggling things so I hate asking for advice but you just come across as so sorted. So it’s your fault. You need to sound a bit more…ditzy.

        You even seem to know what SEO is. For my entire life SEO has meant Short Eared Owl. And now it means something else ontirely.

        Is there a synopsis of Gnaw anywhere on here? I mean, I’m sure it’s brilliant and I should just pre-order it anyway…

      • That’s another whole part of the process and lo and behold here is the author page for amazon.co.uk http://www.amazon.co.uk/Jennifer-Brady/e/B00M5V0732/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_1?qid=1432801227&sr=8-1 (the .com sphere looks different as in an earlier phase of my process so I need to sort! Much as I love the typewriter I do not look like a typewriter. The Product page is: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Gnaw-Jennifer-Brady-ebook/dp/B00XICBH7W/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8 where you can get the blurb etc. Right so, keep an eye out for updates on blog.

        On Thu, May 28, 2015 at 12:20 AM, Jennifer Brady's Blog wrote:


      • Sean, how are you? You inspired me create a help sheet, now on the blog. I’ll get onto the HTML and SEO side of things, it takes a bit a time and heaven knows what stuff I’ll be pulled into with normal life, but as soon as I can, best to have some guidelines for us Indie publishers! Anyway, the main thing I learnt so far is …finish writing the darn book in the first place so you can move into production mode.

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